Hello everyone - hope some of you who’ve had diabetes awhile and help me out with this. I’m on metformin and Byetta and will be traveling for a week in November. Now what you should know is that I do not stay in places that generally have mini-bars in the rooms and I may be on a bus for several hours. The metformin isn’t a problem but I’m a little worried about overheating my byetta. I know it can be in temps less than 77F but I can’t really say that will always be the case. Does anyone have any tried and true ways to keep the drugs cool?

Also, are there any SCUBA divers out there? I love to dive but wonder if there are special considerations now that I’ve got the big D swimming with me.

Get one of those gel ice packs and put it in that. That is what I do. I would also get a statement from your doctor saying you are diabetic and you have to have these supplies with you as they are very necessary. My doctor wrote me one and it also states that I have to have juice, candy, and those glucose gel tubes with me at all times. Makes it a lot easier to get through security at the airport.

Frio wallets keep insulin (therefore Byetta) cool. Not fridge temps, but cool enough, even in a summertime desert for up to a few days. You can buy them in different sizes, like for vials or pens or a pump. Plus, they’re cushiony when in use, so protect vials and pens from breakage. When I’ve ordered, the shipping has been quite quick (even from UK to US). Their main site is: , but there are other distributors you could try, like .

Since they’re a gel, there was some concern about flying with them, but on the TSA page it says gel packs for cooling medications are allowed if it’s obvious what they are.

Maybe you can get some kind of mini-igloo/thermos where you can keep it cool? I don’t know at what temperature Byetta should be, though.