Travelling by plane

WW rafting down, flight back east for a wedding up next...

Does the airport metal detector pick up a Dexcom sensor? I think I'm prepared in case it does and I'm giving myself plenty of time for a TSA interrogation, but it would be nice if I can just walk right through.

I just flew today with an Omnipod AND Dexcom attached. The metal detector did not pick up either. I sailed through security.

I have been through many TSA areas with no problem with both Dex and Omni. Of course, I always am armed with my doctors not of necessity, in case there ever was an “issue”. I’ve only had an issue with TSA in the local Richmond, VA airport and after a display of what an Omnipod was and did, they let me through. Very rare…and I have travelled through over 75 ariports.

I have traveled extensively with the dex including internationally. no problems at all.
safe travels - Allen

I have flown with both the Dexcom sensor and an Omnipod attached with no problem setting off an alarm at security. Both the sensor and the pod were on my abdomen and not visible. The Dexcom receiver and the Omnipod PDM went through the x-ray machine.


Thanks all!