Travelling in India/Nepal - carb counting

Hi, any tips for counting carbs on a 3 week trip in India (Rajasthan) and Nepal? We'll be visiting Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and then Nagarkot and Kathmandu in Nepal and will probably go veggie in an attempt to avoid Delhi Belly! Rice is easy but I find sauces difficult to count in Indian restaurants. I guess Tandooris would be easier but not so sure i'd trust the meat everywhere. I'll try ordering thalis in restaurants over the next few weeks and keeping an eye on the effect it has on my bs with different doses...


I have not traveled to these places specifically, but have traveled to other places in that region. I typically avoid rice, bread, and anything else that is "carby" and I know will cause my trouble. I use a CarbFinder app on my iPhone to help me estimate some foods. Avoid sauces (sweet ones especially, obviously). Most of the spicier thalis, I have found, do not have a ton of sugar, but watch out for ones that have potatoes in them! (I try to avoid potatoes because they just mess up my BGs something awful sometimes). Yogurt sauces are good, as is the cilantro chutney. Avoid the tamarind sauce as it is quite sweet.

If you're on the pump, make sure you know how to use square and dual-wave boluses. I do this frequently when eating Indian food and they work well; the foot is fattier and therefore digests a bit slower; a dual wave bolus with an hour-long square (I do 60% upfront and 40% in the square) has, thus far, worked quite well for me when eating Indian food.

Enjoy your trip! Sounds great!
Sauces can be put at the side and then used in a 1 T amount until you know their effect. I also ask which of all the items on the menu has the least flour, then the least sugar. Chefs are best face to face. If they are thin, I ask what they eat. I have tried pumping friends who live there to no avail.
I looked at calorie king for differences among types, but I could not compose a listing to my liking.
I think you might try menus online from your favorite Indian restaurants, and then put in one food at a time and see if you can compose a list!

lucky U.