Treating a low... the thoughts going through my mind

  1. I should be doing office work. It’s a nice day, so I might as well re-set some of those pavers on the walkway outside.
  2. Not gonna change my basal, it should only take 5 minutes

An hour later…
3) I feel my pump/CGM vibrating. Probably warning me of a predicted low. I know I’m getting low. I’m almost done. I’ll get something to eat in a few minutes.
4) I’m really sweaty. Is it because of a low or because I’m working outside in the 90 degree heat?
5) CGM says 123 with a double-down-arrow. I should be OK
6) Done with the work.
7) Meter says 41!!!
8) Ooohhh… Gummy Bears!

Dextrose tabs in the pocket when doing yard work, silly rabbit. ;0P

Pop the lid, shake one out, you’re good to go.

Yes Jean, I know… it’s one of those things where I expect to be working much less than I actually do; and I was only about 5 paces away from the front door anyway. As is usual, I overtreated the low and was 300 not too long after…

But you got to have Gummy Bears, so it was all worth it, right? ;0)