Treatments -bad as the original problem?

Received a corneal abrasion nearly a decade ago with the help of my adorable 3 & 5 year old nephews respectively. Bottom line a deep corneal abrasion which will never heal correctly I am constantly told.

Been to the eye surgeon many times but the “cures” they propose literally are no better than the original problem.

Sorry bozo, you are NOT going to laser my eye and result with WORSE scar tissue effect my peripheral vision. Sorry chuckles, no way

yeah… sure you can scrape my cornea jack… soon as you volunteer for the same proceedure. No, sorry moron, not going to let you do that because the scraping will need to be repeated again and again and again… you get only one shot at this, not repeatedly for no effect

Forgive my lack of enthuasium for treatments that seem to do as much damage as they supposedly cure. Is the emporer wearing no clothes???