Treaure Island

I have woken up my mind as clear as a bell forgot my knee for a split second jump up on my two feet like a spring lamb or rabbits playing in the summers sun then it dawns on me my knee is as painful as a wasps sting in your bum you have accidentally sat on, wow that hurt as my leg straightened so I could stand up the pain was excruciating (awful) how can you forget it, it has been like that for 8 days and 8 long long nights.

hobble to the toilet like Long John Silver in treasure island except I do not have a wooden leg although it feels like it and no cheery parrot standing on my shoulder get to the bathroom cussing and cursing with smudge doing one of those dog exercises at crufts where the dog goes in and around the owners legs it is not easy living with a cat sometimes.

Having done what I need to do in the bathroom I hobble back to the bedroom cat in tow meowing she wants to go outside I look up at the clock and see it reads 3.30am OK you win I say to smudge not that there was any other outcome she always gets her way I turn around in military fashion leaning more on one leg that the other sit down on the stairs and do a bum drop step by stem descending the stairs every now and then smudge turns her head around looks at me as if to say what are you playing at hurry up open the back door weeing myself here.

I let her out do the reverse of the bum descending thing and get back upstairs trying not to bend my left knee as that really hurts,take a anti inflammatory pill Naprosyn switch my radio on BBC radio 7 and relax into my lovely warm bed poorly leg(knee) resting on the top of the bed with the rest of me tucked under the duvet and go back to dreaming of skiing down the matterhorn

Maybe if you could dream about soaking in a hot tub, you wouldn’t wake up with such a sore knee!