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Hey everyone,

I’ve noticed a few oddities in my blood sugar levels, for which i’m trying to determine the source. Here is what I’ve noticed:

  1. I’m very sensitive to insulin-good and bad here
    (Carb ratio 1 unit:15 g carbs or 1 unit:17 g carbs depending on time of day, correction ratio 1 unit: 85 mg/dL and 1 unit: 70 mg/dL depending on time of day). The carb ratio seems normal, but the correction ratio seems an unlikely pair. My doctors say that it’s much more common to see a correction ratio of 1:25 or even 1:50, but that mine seems very strange, especially given my carb ratio…but this is what works most of the time. Fluctuations are very common, even on a low carb diet…That said, I monitor/respond well, so my A1C is and has been 6.9 or lower for over a decade :smiley:

  2. The lower the amount of carbs I take a day, the higher my basal rates need to be (I don’t understand why this is).

  3. My basal need changes significantly when I fast, but then increases significantly ~15 minutes after I eat protein (Basal rate drops to 0.85 U/H without food for 12 hours but then need increases to 1.3 U/H 15 minutes after eating protein with no/very low carbs). This seems strange. Any thoughts on this?

  4. Often when I drink caffeine (without sugar) my blood sugars will rise to ~250 mg/dL for ~3 hours and are almost completely unresponsive to insulin during this time (any thoughts?).

  5. Potentially unrelated, I’m very sensitive to light (especially fluorescent light). My opthalmologist and retinal specialists claim that my vision is near perfect and that I do not have any signs of damage. I’ve also been assessed for migraines, but none of my physicians seem at all concerned about these symptoms. Therefore, no one is looking into it…I only have a slight astigmatism and prescription. I’ve tried hydrating eye drops with no additives, with very little improvement. The light sensitivity is such that it is difficult to go outside and to drive at night. It is also difficult to read, especially from a computer or phone screen. It improves slightly with proper hydration and the drops, but not totally. If anyone has ideas about this, I would appreciate hearing what you have to say.

Thank you!

Do you normally also have protein with your carbs?

With lower carb meals, some people find they need to bolus for protein too. Search here for TAG, Total Available Glucose, meaning some fats and proteins may contribute to Glucose rise, need bolus insulin to cover.

You may be using higher basal to accommodate.

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I think @Terry4 used this before Loop.

Only have brief comments on 1-3.

I also have a correction ratio of 70. At times I think it could be as high as 100. Got a sense of this as whenever I have to put in a large correction bolus I overcompensate and go too low. As I increased from 40, gradually to 70, got much closer to target.

Your carb ratio could be too low. For example maybe it should be 18. If it is too low then you are getting too much insulin from your carb ratio when you eat. You might not know it if your basal was also too low as they would offset one another. Thus if you fast you are not getting the “higher” insulin that you usually get and and with no carbs your BG goes too high. This assumes that together your basal and carb ratio give you about the right amount of insulin. So if you raise your carb ratio you should also raise your basal, again assuming together they are about right for an average amount of carbs per meal.

If your basal changes when you fast it could be what I just stated.

Sorry, have no idea on your other issues.

Good luck!