Tresiba Basal Insulin


I am not eating carbs today, so I can minimize errors… also - I was fine until 3pm and the CGM was wrong. Blood glucose was 175 and not 200 as per my previous post. I corrected with Apidra already, but curious if the calculation should be made to add the correction dose of Apidra to the basal? Let’s see… pretty excited :slight_smile:


When I went off the pump and onto Tresiba basal + Apidra, I usually corrected with Apidra when I went high.[quote=“TJ18, post:465, topic:50202”]
I corrected with Apidra already, but curious if the calculation should be made to add the correction dose of Apidra to the basal?

I would step up the Tresiba dose and see what happens but realize that it can take three days or so until a repeated daily dose of Tresiba takes full effect. You may want to deliver only 32 units or so for a few days before jumping up to 35 units. Good luck!


Most people find that their insulin pump basal requirements are less than their injected requirements.


I am 46 year IDD. I’ve been on many different types of insulin over those years. However, my A1C’s were always in the high 7’s to low 9’s. Fortunately because I was very disciplined, I have no problems from such high blood sugars. In January my endo put me on Tresiba and when I went in for my A1C in April it had gone down from 9.1 in December to 7.6 in April. I was flabbergasted. No matter how hard I worked I could never get my numbers down. I take sliding scale Novolog for my meals. To say the least I am VERY HAPPY with Tresiba!!! Oh, by the way, I started on 10 units of Tresiba, and have worked my way up to 14 which seems correct for me.


late joining this conversation - could the eve highs be due to high fat dinners?


Amen to this quote, sam. That is me…get frustrated, change add, subtract a dose, then do it again, causing more erratic blood sugars cause I don’t wait for a pattern to actually develop…I just want ‘normal’ blood sugars. LOL. Very good advice from you! :slight_smile:


Huh…the whole purpose of Tresiba was/is it lasts 2 times longer…one doesn’t need to split a dose. there is no reason to split the dose…?


Some people really enjoy over-managing


I know. I was just reading thru that thread…OMG, the amount of energy - time wasted it seems going over every little ebb and flow of one’s blood sugar, which is impossible to figure out as a T1, as it’s not linear, amazes me. someone correcting at 120s and thinking that’s high…well, IDK…! and they’re changing their MDI basal rates every day, that’s not how it even works. In what universe is 120 high and waking up to 60s good. Oh well. I’m SO EXCITED to try this basal insulin. Can’t stand being on a pump and hope to never go back to it. :slight_smile:


HUH, what is going on with this…this is so odd and unnecessary, no? I don’t understand why you’re doing all this. Just either do MDI and bolus for a meal, prebolus if high and correct. or pump and do the same thing…Sorry but this just seems so chaotic. I have a very low 6% A1c.


I don’t understand this. So, you take lantus which lasts 24 hours…but some days you use pump for night time basal dose…how does that even work and why.


Hey Katie I let my Dexcom be my pancreas and I dose based on my BG levels during to day. As I have mentioned here before I don’t get off by attaching myself to a tube 24/7, but occasionally I will take a Lantus pen break and use the pump for my overnight thing. This works for me because I am very active during the day especially during the warmer months. Plus, my pancreas is still producing some insulin, since I am T2. Katie, you sound like my Endo. She also questions some of my control methods, but when I keep coming in with a 5.3% average every 3 months she just says whatever works for you. Have a happy sugar day, lol.



It’s called untethered pumping and some folks swear by it. Injected long-acting insulin provides an always-on-board backup in the event of a pump failure for those prone to rapid progression to DKA.


I’m not sure if you directed this to me or not. It seems like you’re responding to the idea of using the “untethered regimen,” using long acting injected basal insulin like Tresiba and then using the pump for bolus and corrections. I have not used this regimen. I’ve read that some people, like daily swimmers, like the freedom of being able to disconnect for an hour or two without incurring a gap in basal coverage yet they enjoy the pump’s convenience for delivering meal boluses and corrections. If I misunderstood your response, please clarify and I’ll try to give you a better answer.


I strive on a daily basis to maintain my Type 1 daughter’s BGs as close to 100 as possible (and succeed a great deal of the time [until lately, but that is another story]) in order to keep her as healthy as possible and do everything within my power to prevent complications down the road. 120 is high. Not dangerously high or even very high. But it is high. Do I expect to be able to keep her constantly under 120? No; I’m a realist. But I treat (without overtreating the majority of the time, knock wood) BGs over 100 to prevent them from going even higher and becoming stubborn. It’s called “sugar surfing” and lots of folks do it. The amount of time and energy is worth it. Every single second.


Can always lower costs by asking her doc to prescribe way more than she actually needs with some copay arrangements that can be very helpful… I suppose in some fields of medicine this is probably more frowned upon than others, but in my experience it seems to be generally tolerated with insulin… I think the u200 is a little more bang for the buck also.

I was finally forced into the mail order plan with my insurance too, which caps the copay… Which actuslly saves me quite a bit over time


Hi I’m just curious, has anybody here gained weight fast since switching to Tresiba?

I’ve put on about 8 lbs (about 3.6 Kg) in 2 months since switching and my overall insulin sensitivity has gone down (I’m finding myself having to take more rapid/short to cover meals).

I’ve been eating low carb for about 2 years now so this really shouldn’t happen.


I haven’t gained any weight by I’ve always been thin and wiry built


Yes, I’ve noticed weight gain since I started Tresiba. I thought maybe my thyroid was off, I have Hoshimotos. I’m going to have my Endo run labsnext month to find out. If it’s not caused by my thyroid tan I suspect Tresiba😒


First six months on Tresiba I lost weight

Only now with concerted effort for eating more have I gained weight.

I am so new to this, I don’t bolus yet, so I cannot give an accurate answer to you insulin sensitivity question

I only use Tresiba once a day for my basal.