Tresiba & Egg Allergies?

Hello - once I started on Tresiba, I all of a sudden think I’m allergic to eggs. Anyone else have that happen?

Have you been to an allergist for confirmation that you have in fact developed an egg allergy? An allergy (particularly food allergy) is a medical condition that can be potentially severe (and can change over time), so it should be properly diagnosed and treated.

I have multiple food allergies, some of which I’ve had since childhood and some of which I’ve developed as an adult, and I’ve used Tresiba before (only for a month, as I primarily use a pump) without allergy-related problems.

If you have in fact developed a true food allergy (otherwise it could be an intolerance), then unfortunately those can develop at any time in life.

So sorry for not responding sooner!! I actually wonder if it was associated with Ozempic that I stopped taking - I have eaten eggs since and have no issues!! When I was in my early 40s, I dislocated and shattered my elbow - 6 months later I was diagnosed as T2 and shortly thereafter I was told i allergic to just about everything - I chalk it up to the trauma of 4 surgeries over a 3 month period and having metal rods in my arm for about 6 weeks after that - so I have been to allergist but it was quite some time ago. I took shots for about a year and I’ve overcome some of the allergies… THANK YOU for responding - I do appreciate it!!!