Trial and Error

Well my first day on the pump started off well, then I was fighting lows before and after dinner. I think the CDE has programed my pump wrong. Before going on the pump my carb ratio was 1:15 and my ISF was 1:2 with a lot of lows. Now my carb factor is 1:10 and my ISF is 1:3 and my basal rate is 0.70 all day.

I know it is trial and error, I guess I was just hoping (you know dreaming) that everything would be smooth for me. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be cruisin and my ratios will be rectified and I won’t be eating 104g worth of carbs within an hour to bring my BG up…lol.

Now my inset is itching, is this normal? I’m wearing an Inset 30, I think I should try the 90degree on the next site change. Is it possible to pull it out a little bit and still have insulin delivered. I pulled on it this morning when I was pulling my shirt down…ouch.

The only part I find irritating is that the CDE’s at the diabetic clinic I go to are book people. They don’t really listen to me and my 17 years experience with THIS body. My bf is telling me to do what I think will be right and screw what they say. I just think that I have to follow their “rules” to a certain point to prove them wrong, then maybe they will at least take time to listen a bit.

I’m hoping it will be a better night with no lows. I avoided one already by eating a snack with no bolus.

This is just the road to better management, I’m sure all you pumpers had your rocky roads in the beginning.

I wear the 90* angle insets.I like them better.I use the pod style ones.Pumping has made my quality of life better.My A1cwent from 8.0 on injections and still having lows and was restricted on what I could eat.I am down to 6.5 on the pump.