Tricking Dexcom

Did you know that you can insert a new sensor, attach the transmitter - and within 10-20 minutes get readings on your CGM WITHOUT telling good ole DEX that you are starting a new sensor?

I happened upon this discovery by chance…i had a reciever that stopped making the audible alarm noise, and was causing me to sleep thru lows and highs…Dexcom sent me a new receiver, i charged it and within a day it was time to insert a new sensor due to ‘noise’…I told the new receiver to start a new sensor—at the same time i kept my old receiver handy to ‘see what would happen’ TA-DA—15 minutes or so later, i got readings on the old receiver…and good ones at that… I have tried it again and it seems to work fine. The 2 hour window of no readings is sometimes not really convienent…eventually you have to tell it to start a new sensor—but at least you can pick a time of day that you regularly run consistent.

This only works if you have not gotten the Remove sensor due to the 3 day or 7 day limit or and early shutoff display…

Do you have any tips?

Keep the good tips coming. I have already got my money’s worth from your postings. I am a Dexcom 7 day user since 6-30-07.