Triglyceride test

Hello Everyone -

I have a question about a triglyceride test that I have to take soon for my insurance company. My appointment is not until 10:30am and they say not to eat after midnight. Truthfully, I am a devil until my morning breakfast and don't want to do that. I have low cholesterol- 111 was the last one, my blood sugar generally runs in the 50-90 range and I am thin. Do you all think it's necessary for me not to eat? Appreciate any help.

If it were just for your doctor, I'd say no - a false result would just mean doing it again. But this is for your insurance company, who could use any kind of seemingly negative result to deny you coverage. I wouldn't take a chance.

Of all things, the triglycerides are most sensitive to eating. Your triglycerides surge after eating, sometimes into the thousands as your food is converted to fatty acids and shuttled around your body. Your LDL and HDL are much less affected. I would suggest that since this is for insurance (life?), I would strongly recommend you fast properly.

^^^ I agree with Brian. Triglycerides MUST be tested while fasting.

Why are they only testing your triglycerides? Anyway I always fast for a few hours before all my blood work, even a1c, but especially lipid panels and I eat a low fat diet the evening/day before also.

Fasting blood test require a minimum of 8 hours with out food. So late night snack?

Or use the opportunity to do a basal check?

I go in for a blood draw at 8 am. If the Dr appointment is not until 10 or 10:30, I go out for breakfast after they draw blood.