So random question here…
What was your highest triglyceride level?

Well I just got my blood test back and my trigs are REALLY freakin high. Just wanted to see what other people got. Normal is below 150.

My highest triglyceride was 226 mg/dl in December 1998. My LDL at the time was 101 mg/dl, HDL was 58. The best explanation of that triglyceride is that at that time my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormore) was high at 7.9 UIU/ML and Free T4 was 1.01. My recent triglycerides are below 100 with my thyroid adjusted better.

Could be genetic, blood sugars, meds…etc. If family history of hypertriglyceridemia…they will start you on a med. In diabetics…they will always look at blood sugar control as well…when you cannot get glucose into cells you start breaking down fats for energy…so TGs go up. Usually see high TG w/ newly diagnosed patients and then it resolves w/ insulin therapy. What did the doctors say when your numbers came back? If it is helpful, here is a link to an article…shows causes, treatments, etc. Take care and hope you get some answers from your doctors.

The first time I had my blood work done last year my triglycerides was a whopping 555!!!