Trivia- have not done this in awhile

What did women say was the gift from their husband they hated the most?

Herpes? No, I’m just kidding. An iron?

Any cooking/cleaning appliance.


Hmmm any small appliance like blender, waffle maker, etc
I know I don’t like them…wink =)

no right answers as yet

ok, my term for admission. Years ago in the early days of on-line shopping when Kohls first had their first presence, I found a “deal.” You could “stack” coupouns, I had six coupons. I think it totalled about 90% discount. I ordered a bunch of stuff, including very nice matching set of pearl necklace and earrings for my wife’s birthday. But in my exhuberance at the “deal” I ordered bunch of other stuff including a high end vaccuum to replace our ailing floor scker. My wife upon seeing the arrival of a huge box with a vaccum flew into a rage at the thought that I got her a vaccum for her birthday. The later gift of pearls could not make up for it and all she remembers is that dmn vaccum.

Yah, I might not be a wife, but as long as they buy the cooking appliance that I want, all is good…

LOL. I can see how that would be hard living down… thanks for the idea though {evil grin}

floor s*cker is not correct, but great story :slight_smile:

Sexy lingerie?

ding, ding, ding

Lingerie is the right (wrong) answer

My other half has a glorious track record in this.

One year he gave me a CD, which was the soundtrack of my favourite film. Good idea. Unfortunately, I already had the CD -and I bought it in a sale so it was about half the price of what he paid for it. I made him return the one he bought.

Another year he gave me a fancy Mont Blanc fountain pen. I love fountain pens. But I only like the extra-sharp nibs, and I like to be able to fill up the ink myself as I have my own favourite ink. The pen he got me had an extra-wide nib and was cartridge-only. He couldn’t return it as he had got it engraved.

I now laugh about all this and don’t really mind anyway as every day with him is a blessing and a gift, and he does sweet, thoughtful things like giving me my basal shots and testing my BG for me when I’m having a hypo.

Ooo, I’ve never come close to the right answer before!