Trivia Question #4

Chances are very good a woman will do this at least 4 times a year.

What is it?

Visit a beauty salon !!!

change the seasonal decor…an man would change his underwear LOL

lol, no

Vacuum the drapes or clean them

Admit she’s wrong about something.

Oh, wait. You said ‘at least.’ and you said ‘4 times.’

I change my answer to

Tell her husband or S.O. that he’s wrong and remind him about it three times.

See a doctor.

Terry NO!!!,

LOL, thanks for pointing out the errors of our ways!!! :wink:

Since this is a “G” rated site I’ll go with my 2nd choice.

Cut the grass or take out the garbage


Hair cut.

Buy shoes!

I was not implying that you don’t do it enough…au contraire!

Buy flower for herself???

Good answer, shoes it is :slight_smile:

This is really a funny site. Please don’t stop. This is great and you are wonderful. THANKS

What about men? How many times roughly they buy shoes every year?

Balance her checkbook


I feel kind of guilty as I am pulling all this trivia from another site I visit, but the person who runs the site I have known for years, before I do another perhaps I should check with her??

Tell her we wish her really well and a long line of trivia for us. And be sure to tell her how much we appreciate it.