Trivia Question #4

Yay! The problem is, how often are women satisfied with the shoes they buy four times a year? I am only happy when they’re tennies, the rest of the time they live in the back of my closet.

I’m guessing twice - once when they realize that their athletic shoes are disgusting or completely flat, and once when they can’t find either their winter boots or their flip-flops. In leap years, they buy dress or work shoes instead.

Sarah…that is a very good portrayal of MOST men…I’ve seen some male shoe collections you wouldn’t believe when house hunting. You pretty much nailed my husband, however.
What I want to know is…I buy shoes closer to 4 times a month…who is averaging the stats out to 4 x’s a year? Where are the other shoe ho’s?

I am glad you did! It’s all about bettering our quality of life!

Probably people who work jobs where they wear the same pair to work, to work out, to go out, and to play. I’m guessing restaurant workers, folks on assembly lines, retail folks, clerks and cashiers - basically everyone you see when you go to a store or who work to make sure you have something to buy when you get there.

To put it another way: it’s a blue collar vs. white collar thing. Or a poor vs. disposable income thing. Or a college student thing (the closest I came to once or twice yearly shoe buying was in college - tennies and flip-flops were all I wore). Take your pick.

I’ve finally realized that I’m a 7 1/2 wide or 8 wide which has made me more likely to buy shoes and LOVE them to the point that they look worn-in fairly quickly. This, however, is better than what I used to do - shop bargain-basement sales or go to stores with lower quality materials in their footwear thus ensuring foot discomfort. Glad I got over that :wink:

Sarah…You know, I hesitated to add my above thoughts, knowing it would sound clueless. Coincidentally, I am one of those people who works at the stores you talked about! I have come to the conclusion that women are into shoes in a major way, or they aren’t…income level or lifestyle aside.

I absolutely understand the fit issue…I need a certain fit, and it only gets worse as I age! I just am really really trying not to cross over to comfort over fashion! The shoe HO speaking!

I still say 4 times a year sounds very low. Maybe the #'s are skewed by the women that shop only certain times but buy multiples when they do?