Trivia Question #8

Women say this is the #1 gift they never want to receive from their husbands.

What is it?

an STD?


Bathrobe, flannel nightgown.

a “diets for dummies” book?


A vacuum cleaner.

2nd the vacuum cleaner…although I actually have put in a request…

Clothes in general!

Frypan / skillet

Do you want the real answer? My wife wouldn’t like a season tickets for the red sox. Seeming she is a yankee fan.

Did i get it right?

STD is a close second I am sure of that too

Dear Jane letter?

I 2nd this one also…any weight loss related paraphernalia.

Answer is:

A gym membership

Now I personally think that would be a pretty nice gift? What do you think??

My thoughts are that a gym membership would be great if you had mentioned wanting one. Risky if you hadn’t…


Are we saying tool or toy on this one?

Which would new cell phone be catagorized under?


a Scunci Steamer!