Trivial Matters

recently I've been overhearing conversations more and more, and just feeling like yelling at how people can be bothered by such trivial things.

and it's stupid but I can't help thinking "teenage girls are SUPPOSED to chat and argue about clothes and boys, and moan about their parents not buying them the latest mobile phone, not constantly worrying about if they're high or low, or when they're going to get a chance to give their novorapid before lunch without everyone questioning them on where they're going. I'm not supposed to have to refuse teachers when they give everyone sweets because it's the end of term. I'm not supposed to have to worry about whether I've had enough sugar before PE."

all the girls in my form are going out and getting drunk at the weekends now, I know I'm never going to be able to do that without putting myself at a bigger risk of hypos.

and it seems so unfair. I've always looked after myself, eaten sensibly, not got drunk, and then I find out that there's something written in my genes, something I had no control over, that my pancreas has just been waiting fourteen years until it gives up on me.

good vent, this.