Trouble concentrating and forgeting things

I am having trouble concentrating and forgeting things while multitasking. Like, take the laundry down, take trash to curb and grab the mail. Forget the mail and make another trip. Forgeting details in what was said or discussed is another issue. I do not handle stress very well. I don’t consider myself under good control yet, peaking above 200 and 250 at times two hours after meals. I am blaming the blood sugar swings. Been type1 for 20 years. Pumping for 3 months. Anyone have this problem too? Any thoughts? Thanks,

I don’t handle stress well either, and I really forget things when I’m stressed - the stress is so distracting. and I read somewhere recently, it may have been the NYTimes Science section, that people overestimate how good they are at multitasking.

Have your Vitamin D levels checked too. I was having some real issues forgetting things…more then “normal” and where people close to me were noticing it too. I was getting worried about it.My Vitamin D levels were tested and found to be low after telling my DR my concerns. Since then I was prescribed one weekly pill(high dose) of Vit.D. I wasn’t sure if it was helping until after taking it about 3 months. I have gradually noticed my memory getting better to my surprise and so have other people. So it seemed to have helped me. It’s worth checking into!

Brain function enhancing natural food can also help:

It is also advisable to find about 30 minutes of the day to rest and relax your mind…do something you love or interest you like listening to music, read your favorit book, walk around a park, meditation, etc.

Mind exercises also helps like solving puzzles, learn new things (new skils), attend lectures, etc.

Some vitamins supplement also helps:

Vitamin E- functions as an anti-oxidant found in almonds, green leafy leafy vegetables and whole grain flour.
Vitamin B- preserves brain function and sharpness. Declining memory and trouble focusing have been linked to low folic acid and B12 levels.
Vitamin C- eating broccoli, legumes, oranges, potatoes and strawberries will help keep your brain healthy.
Magnesium- taking approximately 300 milligrams one to three times per day will help protect the brain from some substances that can cause nerve damage.

Hope this helps a bit =)

I notice a difference in my ability to think clearly when I take my B-complex vitamin. I have no idea if that’s a medical truth or just me. One thing that has really gotten worse in my 5 years with Type 1 is multitasking with my hands: I used to be able to carry five bags, keys, a cup of coffee, and two dogs on leashes. Now I might turn the coffee cup upside down without even realizing it just to open the car door; its like it’s too much motor control information for my brain to store at once.