Trouble with DexCom 7 plus

Hi all I am having problems with the alarm on the device. I don’t get an alarm when its time to calibrate…and most of the time it don’t alarm me when its high or low it will vibrate. I have the setting on vibrate then beep.
Please tell me how to handle that…

Try contacting the company. If there is something wrong with the device, they should send you a new one, right?
I have a similar problem, but it’s my fault because I let the receiver fall on the floor several times, so I suppose I broke it :frowning:

Okay I was corresponding with a lady from DexCom…Thanks for the information…have a good night

My solution is to raise the Low alert to 100 so that even if I don’t feel the first vibe, I will be at a comfortable 90 or so when I hear it. I can’t tell if you understand that the Dex only beeps the 2nd time an alert triggers. The first time is vibe only. This is one of my bigger gripes about the system because I will drop another 10 points by the time I hear it go off.

Yes I understand that and I did set it at 100 on my own…but I have it straight now…thanks for taking the time to respond…have a nice day

Okay I set my device to 100 on the low alert going to see how that works…thanks for the information…mine goes really high and the monitor is lower its aggravating…

Thanks Don

I am waiting for a call from the company as we speak…