Trouble with infusion sites

I've had a metronic pump for almost 8 years now and have always had trouble with the infusion sites. It usually takes me two-four tries to get one working properly. I've asked my doctor and he suggests different infusion sites but they all seem to have the same problem, it's getting to be quite costly. Does anyone else find they have this problem?

I've had a metronic pump for 6-7 yrs. The only trouble I have had is the cannula gets kinked and I get a no delivery alarm, only seesms to happen when I hit an area that has tough scar tissue.

can you ask your doctor to recommend a CDE (diabetes educator) for you to see? They are well trained in the different infusion sets and can sit down and show you what to do, they can spend more time figuring out what the problem is.

I use a medtronic pump also, but only for 2 1/2 years. I just switched from the quick sets to Sure-Ts. They use a very small needle instead of canula. Much, much better. Also, I don't believe in inserters.

I agree with Marie, try to get a diabetes educator or some kind of professional, personal help. That way they can advise a better place for the site, or whatever might be the particular problem. Could be very simple, but it definitely sounds like you have an unique problem.

I'M A Medtronic's user of 12 yrs. and and faithfully rotate sites. I occasionally find one site works (more absorbent than others) better, but nothing like what you describe. Costly indeed, please get help.

Another thought...have you tried other insertion sets? There are many, and one may be better for you. Medtronic will usually send you samples for free.


I use the silhouetts . I use them manually I insert them on an angle almost parallel to the skin. I can see them going in and I am sure they stay in.
They do not pull out unless the whole thing gets pulled out by a door knob,
It takes getting used to to put them in manually, but there is a inserter if you want it.

do you use an inserter? in the beginning i was afraid to use the inserter & did it manually & always had a problem.with the inserter no mor trouble. good luck.

I use Quick-Set, and have always used a Quick-Serter. If you do not use a Serter, this might be a good first step, see what results you get with using one.