True or False Game


False. I can’t stand 'em.

The next person spent more money putting fuel in the car than on their diabetes care last month.


idk? I dont pay for my diabetes care or a car. I’m only a teen(:

The next person weight lifted until they were shaking today.
I did. Stupid athletics!!


False; I did some situps and walking today.

The next person has installed something for their house today in an unconventional manner. (I hammered in some screws due to lack of patience plus my hands were cramped from the scewdriver).



he next person had not gone for a walk long time


Yes, probably after I try to get my A1C done.

You enjoy playing games on your computer.



you are listening to music.



You forgot to bolus for breakfast and are paying for it this morning.


False, I don’t use insulin.

You just got done with some housecleaning.



You are enjoying back to school :slight_smile:


False; I don’t go to school.

You like to do some sort of craft.



You had a hot cereal this morning instead of a bacon and eggs type brekky…



You are watching tv


True imwatching spongebob:)

you have been to camp kudzu before



You love to drink coffee every morning…



It is 12.32 pm in Australia so you are in bed asleep



You already celebrated your Thanksgiving.


False, we don’t do Thanksgiving in Oz.

You had egg and bacon for breakfast.


false, toast with peanut butter

the next person is having trouble with mouth flavour


True. Had spicy stirfry for dinner, it was yummy.

There is snow on the ground outside.


false, it's a balmy 65 degrees outside.
the next person has too many animals to count?