True or False Game


false I have had it 43 years.

The next person will answer but hates this game.


False. This game has been going on for a long time.

The next person uses an insulin pump.


True, I ues a pump. Boy this game is fun.


Yes, game is fun.
The next person plays freecell on his computer.


False - I am not a fan of computer games.
The next person is a football fan (and on this side of the pond that means “soccer”)


False…I live in Chicago, nuff said :joy:

The next person loves Hockey more than me (which is A LOT)! :ice_hockey:


False. I don’t have time to watch hockey… or any sport on the television. Though I really love to watch Ninja Warriors when I have a chance.

The next person is at work, being distracted by tud., as I currently am.


I am at home being distracted by TuD. Sadly I am tired of watching events in Manchester unfold.

The next person is busy cooking a meal.


False - it is 9.17 am here - I am at work.

The next person has red hair.


False, I have blonde hair, but my wife is a redhead.

The next person wishes today was Friday.


False. I’m retired. Everyday is Friday.

The next person is reading a great book.


True. Dirt Music by Tim Winton (although I prefer the beautiful writing in his Breath). Also reading Pumping Insulin, which is very informative but not exactly “great.”

The next person is afraid of spiders.


True. My father was bitten by a Black Widow when I was a kid and I have cringed at the mention of spiders (brrrr…) ever since.

The next reader is watching the St Louis Cardinals play baseball.


What is baseball? Eggheads is on my tv.

The next person is booking their summer holiday.


False - I have a number of commitments over the summer and don’t know when I will be free.

The next person has been watching the News about the Manchester bombing.


True. I am shocked that anyone would kill so many little girls. There is a perversion in Islam that makes them hate the West and kill innocents.

The next person is petting their dog. Pronounced “dawg” in Dixie.


False. I pet my dog in Niagara. And I am not at the moment petting her, although I do frequently.

The next poster has a tattoo.


False. I hate tattoos.

The next person is eating ice cream.


False - although some ice cream would be nice as it is warm here today

The next person loves Rock and Roll


Yes, I love rock and roll. Rocked the night away to Bill Haley and the Comets many years ago.

The next person is having breakfast.