True or False Game


False - I am making a Chicken Casserole for dinner. Must be the Time Zone difference.

The next person is preparing to play Contract Bridge.


Bridge, isn’t that something you use to travel over something. This ole Tennessee boy has never played Bridge in his life.

The next person is enjoying a relaxing evening after a hard days work, or even a not so hard day.


False, it is nearly lunchtime and I have just made a cherry and almond cake and am about to make some soup for dinner.

The next person is going for a walk in the sunshine.


False. Laying in bed half asleep.

The next reader likes to grill in the back yard.


True: I’d love to grill in the backyard, if I had a backyard, instead of living on the 15th floor of an apartment building.

Talking of living on the 15th floor, my turtle somehow got off the balcony today and fell… luckily it didn’t land on anyone. of course it died. Feeling a bit sad about that.

The next person has a pet, other than a cat or a dog.


No, I don’t have a pet.

The next person likes snakes.


True-ish (well I don’t dislike snakes and think they are rather interesting)

The next person plays a musical instrument


Also true-ish. I make interesting postmodern vocalizations when I have to dig around for something under the kitchen sink. I played the violin when I was a kid, but the neighbourhood got together to convince me to explore other interests.

The next person needs a new umbrella.


Hmmm… I am not sure vocalization or childhood count. I was thinking of actively play now.

I don’t have an umbrella, so I guess that means I could use one.

The next person likes to barbecue


I do like to barbecue, but rarely do it. If there is a total fire ban in the summer it is not wise to light up!

The next person likes going to concerts.


Well, I like going to classical concerts, but haven’t been to one for years. Concerts aren’t cheap and I don’t have the time for it. We do have one of the best orchestras (RCO) and one of the finest concert halls in the world so that’s certainly on my wish list.

The next person likes swimming.


Sort of true. I have a membership in a swim facility but I haven’t used it much.

The next person likes Humphrey Bogart movies.


True. Bogey and Bacall made a great pair. I like Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon. And Treasure of the Sierra Madre. You got me going there.

The next person participates in an IPhone, not a desktop or a laptop computer.


True and false, at this moment I am using an I phone because it is portable but I still prefer my desktop.

The next person loves classic rock and roll. Now where is my Bob Seger CD


very true, remembering this morning seeing the Allman Brothers at the Philly Spectrum

next person has their hummingbird feeders out but not getting many visitors yet (come on hummers!! :bird:


We don’t get hummingbirds here, alas. I don’t put bird feeders out as a lot of the local birds are nectar feeders and there are flowers all year round here.

The next person loves jazz.


TRUE. I certainly like jazz a lot; it is a genre I often would listen to, sometimes even live. (I just wouldn’t use “love” to describe any such preferences. :slight_smile: )

The next person has a vegetable garden.


True: My first rows (peas, beans, potatoes) are coming up nicely and I have a lot of seedlings in the greenhouse that are ready to plant out. We get frosts here until mid May so you have to plant late.

The next person likes beetroot


False. When I was younger I detested beet root, but now I just tolerate it.

The next person can drive a standard shift automobile.


False. I don’t have a driver’s license at all, but manual transmission is the standard here in Europe.

The next person speaks at least two foreign languages.