True or False Game


False, English only from me. I have never nor do I ever plan to leave the USA.

The next person took a moment to reflect on the meaning of our Memorial Day holiday


False. In Canada our Memorial Day is Nov. 11. It used to be called Armistice Day, but now Remembrance Day, I think. Whatever we call it, I always go to the cenotaph to watch the ceremonies.

The next person is good at chess.


True - Good at chess. I used to play more often than I do now.

The next person just irritated another person (intentionally or unintentionally).


False. I work at home, on my own, and haven’t interacted with anyone for nine hours. Unless the sound of the microwave just irritated my downstairs neighbour.

The next person knows how to darn socks.


True, as I grew up at a time when we were still recovering from WW2, and people still darned socks. I think there’s a darning bobbin in a box somewhere in the house.

The next person likes classic Alfred Hitchcock movies.


True - you can’t better the crop-duster sequence…

The next person still has a large collection of music on vinyl


False. In fact I’ve never had any vinyl record.

The next person is not at home.


False. Work at home = always at home. Although where I live, I overlook a beach, so on a warm, sunny day like this, I’d rather be there than at home.

The next person always uses the good china, because why not?


False. I only have regular china.

The next person hates smoking


True, I hate smoking and the smell of smoke.

The next person is growing their own vegetables in their garden.



The next person has a graduation picture on his wall.


False: My parents had a graduation picture of me but I never had a copy myself (and shouldn’;t it be his/her wall to avoid gender bias issues)

The next person likes cats


Only if they don’t go to neighbors’ gardens to poop, destroy plants and raid birds’ nests.

The next person likes French cuisine, including escargot.


TRUE: French cuisine represents the high point of the culinary arts. I love escargot (plenty of garlic butter please!).

The next person likes his meat (beef, duck, lamb, game) cooked rare!


True, I prefer pink to red though with meat.

The next person is vegetarian


No, never ever will I become vegetarian. Ditching a major source of low carb food would make life needlessly hard.

The next person loves singing.


True - I like to sing. I can carry a tune although I don’t have a great voice.

Sicking to the musical theme - the next person can read music


True, but not well.

The next person goes to live baseball games occasionally.


False, I haven’t been to a live baseball game in 30 years.

The next person is a grandparent.


False. Haven’t found anyone of my own to even consider children for then said grand kids…one day…

The next person is looking for love.