True or False Game


False - Already found my soul mate.

Next reader wore glasses but now has changed to contact lenses. That is what I want to do. I hate these glasses.


False. Cannot wear contacts, even extended-wear, for more than a couple of hours at a time. But I don’t mind. My glasses make me look distinguished. I hope. Nevertheless, I’m astonished that we can put men on the moon and locate black holes in the universe and do heart surgery on fetuses but cannot produce lenses that are not all smeared by the end of the day.

The next person is growing tomatoes this year.


True. It is winter here but I am growing tomatoes, one plant has giant heirloom tomatoes on it that are refusing to ripen and the other has flowers that do not fruit.

The next person has a beautiful flower garden.


False - it is spring here and I grow veggies. Tomatos, Jalapeño peppers, Bell Peppers green and red, and garlic.
Oh yeah, figs on a fig tree and grapes for the birds.

The next person has a horse.


No, I don’t. Livestock needs much space, but land is expensive in my small and densely populated country. I doubt whether I will ever be able to afford that.

The next person is very organized


false FALSE FALSE - Just call me “Captain Disorganized”

The next person is over 6 foot (1.83m) tall


True. Try finding a Dutchman who isn’t. :wink:

The next person likes seafood.


True. To a point, I’m pretty picky eater, but I do love a steamed crab and shrimp, sometimes lobster…and now I am oh so hungry.

The next person likes to enjoy nature at it’s finest with no interruptions.


I like the great outdoors and anything involving enjoying nature - so True I guess (not sure about the interruptions)

The next person thinks computer games are boring.


Not worrying about emails/work, outside noises such as crowds, cars, etc…just enjoying nature.


True about computer games. I am more of a reader.

The next person has to take pills prescribed by a doctor.


True, since I am T2 not on insulin.

The next person likes gardening.


True - We have a large garden.

The next person likes the mountains


Absolutely. I live in a very flat country, but I do like the mountains.

The next person likes fishing.


False - Pitting my wits against an organism with a brain smaller than a golf ball seems pointless to me

The next person thinks “Waiting For Godot” is the 20th Century’s greatest play


Vrai - j’aime bien “En attendant Godot”. I studied it in French class a thousand years ago.

The next reader likes the music of the Allman Brothers.


False - Never even heard of.

The next person has solar panels on the roof of his/her house.


True, I have solar panels on my roof.

The next person uses an iPhone.


False. [Long rant about overuse of phones deleted.] But my partner has one, and I am quite happy to say, “Look this up on your fancy phone,” so I suppose I use one in a roundabout way.

The next person has something that belonged to one of their grandmothers.


False. The last of my grandparents died in 1961. I have nothing but my memories. But I do have a watch that may have belonged to my grandfather.

The next person likes Frank Sinatra.