True or False Game


True, I did like Frank Sinatra.

The next person grows orchids (ok I am watching a tv programme about orchids. I regularly kill orchids)


False. I don’t grow orchids and don’t kill them either.

I wonder if the next person likes (salty) liquorice.


True, love Katjes black licorice salted fish candy, from World Market at Bed, Bath and Beyond…yum!

The next person can’t go to movies w/o buying buttered popcorn :popcorn:


False - can’t resist buttered popcorn.

The next reader had difficulty controlling his/her blood glucose last night.


False - No probs, had a low carb day yesterday, even though I went to the Feral Brewery for lunch.

The next person is having salmon for dinner tonight.


False, Salmon is eaten seldom in our household. I like it but is not my favorite.

The next person is a NASCAR fan.


False - NASCAR has about the same profile in the UK as does croquet in Greenland

The next person drives a 4 x 4


I’d love to (don’t know why), but I don’t drive at all because I don’t have a driver’s license.

The next person has a boat.


True, but we haven’t been out on it yet this year.

The next person is trying to figure out a way to stay cool when it’s supposed to feel like 41 degrees (105 F) with the humidex today!


FALSE - 14C and cloudy with rain showers

The next person has recently ordered stuff from Amazon


False. I think I may have once, but certainly not recently.

The next perso had to quit gardening today because of the heat.


False, it will be 24C here today with rain expected later. An ideal day to put manure around my roses.

The next person is on holiday.


False, I was on vacation last week but today it was back to work.

The next person has a hobby they truly love.


True - several actually - playing guitar and gardening, to name but two.

The next person has recently been attacked by biting insects.


True, mosquitoes.

The next person walks for exercise.


True - I do, walking my dog. Sometimes my wife comes along.

The next diabetic has been to London, England at sometime in their life.


I was born near London, went to school and worked in London. I guess I am a Londoner.

The next person has a cat.


True - we have two cats,

The next person speaks two or more languages in addition to their native language


True - Je parle français. Hablo español castellano. 我说普通话。 Ich spreche ein bißchen Deutsch. I speak English. Я говорю по-русски.

The next reader has three diseases, one being of course diabetes.


True, Judging by the number of doctors that line up for my hard earned money I have more than three.

The next person is a dog person.