True or False Game


True, I have a dog, but there is also a cat living with me at present.

The next person has school age children.


False - though Neither true not false? I have school-age CHILD, but not ‘children’…

The next person rides a bike regularly.


False - Although I used to do so

The next person likes to swim


True, but I don’t do it nearly as often as I should.

The next person owns a pickup truck.


False, I own a sedan.

The next person likes to windsurf.


True (sort of). I have only tried it a couple of times a few years ago, but it seems like fun.

The next person is planning a trip/vacation abroad


No, but some years ago, my husband and I went to your beautiful country and had a very romantic holiday staying in fabulous castle hotels

The next person has a partner who also has diabetes


False, since I don’t have a partner.

The next person enjoys watching golf.


False, Could not be further from the truth.

The next person like county music. The Nashville sound.


False, kind of… the Memphis blues are strong and emotional, the soulfulness of Al Green is so sweet and poignant, the rockabilly Elvis sound is almost quaint at this point. I enjoy the Spanish language Bachata sound coming from the barrios of Columbia. And by the way, Mozart is not dead; he is soaring high above us all. There is nothing twangy and sentimental about Memphis.

The next reader voted for Trump.


Haha, False, I’m Australian. Nor did I vote for Tony Abbott, two of a kind!

The next person is enjoying summer.


False - summer seems to have abandoned Scotland. Rain and 15C max temp

The next person has grey hair


Yes - my beard used to be red and brown. Now it is time to pretend to be old.

The next person watches the Tour de France on television. It is a large bike race lasting three weeks.


I watch a little of the Tour de France when it is on TV news.

The next person is reading a book (not an ebook).


Yes. One of my doctors recommended “Turn Right at Machu Picchu” by Mark Adams. ISBN 978-0-452-29798-2 It is a step by step discription of how this guy visited the ancient Incan capital of Machu Picchu with the help of a handy Australian guide. It is a quick read.

Next person will describe for us their favorite pet dog of all time.


I can do that, His name was CJ he came to us from a broken home, as his owners divorced they could no longer keep him. He lived the first 18 months of his life in a 12 x 12 pen, no place for a dog of his breed. He was a large golden retriever. When allowed the room my large back yard provided he was in heaven and he showed his appreciation with lots of love. I eventually allowed him to roam free, funny he never ventured out of our yard and the wooded lot next door. Best dog ever!

The next is a cat person that knows more about his/her cat,s than he/she does most people.


I am living with a cat at present, he belongs to my daughter and is a much loved and studied creature, but I am really a dog person.

The next person owns horses.


False, although my wife would love to own one.

The next person is at work


False, I am retired. Just got up from a nap to watch the Saint Louis Cardinals pkay baseball.

It is true that our next person cooks and they have great fun doing it.


True, I really enjoy cooking.

The next person plays pool.