True or False Game


I don’t know if I was happy or not over the weekend because I was too busy to notice.

The next person has cold hands while the rest of their body is warm.


Fals. All warm so far.

The next Person is enjoying a Bright sunny day where they are.



the next person seldom gets angry


True, but I do get frustrated a fair amount.

The next person can look around from where their sitting and see one of their pets.


True. (And when I called his name, he looked at me.)

The next person is trying a new diet to lose weight starting today.



The next person is getting ready for bed right now.



The next person was woken up early this morning by somebody in their household.


True. The next person reads trashy novels hidden inside nonfiction covers.



The next person likes to take hot baths to relax.



the next person likes to miss their bath



The next person loves animals.


Very true!

The next person didn’t sleep more than 8 hours last night.


True true true!!

the next person had a very busy week and is in need of a break


True, but no breaks in sight. sigh

The next person wishes that it was easier to get repairs to their house done.


I’ll second that motion. Yes!

The next Person gets a break from making supper tonight. Yay!


Yep got leftover pizza around here. (good for him not so good for me, I think I’ll just eat some bolonga YUCK!!!)

The next person is getting rain right now.


I’m the kid, so I dont usually make dinner so True.

The next person is having fish for supper tonight.


LOL! No! But I definitely agree with the topic.

The next Person has dry skin around a few of their finger nails now and can’t seem to find a Good moisturizer to fix it.


Yes!. Just Beautiful.

Does foot cream have a name or just any? Thanks Debb! :smiley:

The next Person bought a Lotto ticket for the $90 million tonight.


False, I don’t play the lottery.

The next person plans to take their kids somewhere fun for Easter.