True or False Game



the next person is free from any complications because of diabetes


No. I am fairly Hypounaware. Someone on here said that every Diabetic will get complications although they may not be evident. Makes sense. So I probably have a few others that I don’t know of.

The next Person heard many sirens after a Bad storm yesterday.


Nope, I live on another continent.

The next person can’t focus on simple things like STUDIES etc


Yes, I can focus on simple things if I feel like it.

You are trying to teach your son multiplication.


Ture. However, spring will be over before the rain stops.

The next person has read Jane K’s blog -


I never heard of her before, but, true, I just read part of her blog out of curiousity.

You are supposed to go get food today for your family.


No, my tummy doesn’t sound like it’s talking unless I’m extremely hungry (which I’m not right now).

You’re trying to figure out what you really want to eat at your next meal because you haven’t really decided on it yet.


False. I just finished eating and I have pretty much the same thing for breakfast every morning.

The next person is waiting impatiently for summer break.


True. I teach first grade, and I’m counting down with the kids!

The next person went grocery shopping today.


False, I went shopping yesterday.

You have inherited an intense craving for fat in your food. If you don’t have fatty foods, you get really strong cravings.


Nah false, somehow I don’t find eating very necessary most of the time, except as a means for nutrition. I find myself from time to time FORCED to eat cause of diabetes.

You came home from a long night of switching between pubs, though you don’t actually drink



the next person has not been sleeping properly the past week.


True. The next person has passed through Security at an airport with all their medical supplies


True, but I’m getting to bed on time tonight.

The next person has an exam of some sort tomorrow.


true, and today too!

the next person hasn’t tested for more than 3 hours


False, I tested myself less than 3 hours ago.

You are supposed to have your A1C tested this month.


hopefully, true!

you should be pulling out a wisdom tooth soon, sadly


False; all my wisdom teeth are gone (they were all double-impacted).

You have inherited an innocent heart murmur.



You take exercise 3 days a week


False; I exercise five to seven days a week by walking a lot.

You are expecting something from somebody today because it’s Mother’s Day.