Any negatives on taking it? I have been on it for several months,my numbers aren’t always where I want them to be. Nancy

Hi Nancy,

How is Trulicity going now? I am starting on it today. I tried it last April and then switched to Victoza. After 6 months of Victoza, I feel I need to get off of it. I will post in future weeks on the Trulicity try.

I feel it is not having a major impact. Due to being on Medicare ,I will be going off of it in 2 months. It costs too much. Good luck. Medication reacts differently to all of us. Nancy

Nancy - The issue all diabetics have is addressing the post meal blood glucose spike. Trulicity attempts to blunt the spike by delaying digestion and forces the remaining beta cells to increase insulin secretion and then to work longer by inhibiting alpha cells secretion.

It was rushed to market to replace Byetta, Victozza and Januvia which are facing a lot of lawsuits including many for pancreatic cancer. Will Trulicity fair better longer term than the others? Who knows.

Trulicity already comes with an FDA ‘black box’ warning about its risks of medullary thyroid cancer and other thyroid tumours. It was approved on the basis of just five small clinical trials (less than is usual for this kind of drug). The FDA has required Eli Lilly to carry out five ‘post-marketing studies’, including an assessment of cardiovascular risks in people with type 2 diabetes as there is concern it may cause heart attacks too.

With any of these meds you have to weigh the risk versus reward especially when the issue T2’s face is none of these T2 meds alone address the issue which T2’s face which are meal time sugar spikes.

However, Ralph DeFronzo is having great success in his Qatar study using GLP-1 and adding a TZD in combination. He is showing that keeping BG in a near non-diabetic range will stop and in some cases reverse diabetes as long as there is still good beta cell function.

Al Mann in his private studies showed the same using afrezza, his inhaled human insulin. If you have the option to get afrezza you may want to consider this. afrezza does address the post meal spike and can get you back to non-diabetic range similar to a healthy pancreas. The T2s currently using it seem to all be reporting amazing results. Their big complaints seem to be insurance coverage and getting the correct coaching when first starting use.

Thank you for the information. I will do more research,but wonder if I can get it covered. We will have to look at my formulary. My other question is , is new always better?.Thanks again. Nancy

Can you get the Trulicity coupon? I use it and it is only 25.00 per month. The coupon is available online googling Trulicity coupon. I have federal health insurance BCBS and am still eligible for the coupon. I don’t like taking any drugs, but I am thankful that it has lowered my blood sugar and allowed me to lose 24 of the 30 pounds gained since starting insulin in Oct 2016. Good luck!

Thanks, Iam on Medicare . I am a retired state employee. I use a mail order pharmacy. .nancy

I use mail order too but they won’t take the coupon so I get the Trulicity through the pharmacy 25 per month.