TRX suspension training

I recently got myself the TRX kit ( and being new to this sort of training, was wondering if I could pick you brains abit. The system uses your own body weight through suspension to enable a huge number of exercises.

I suppose it is pretty much the same as any resistance training you would do at a gym with weights, and I’d like to know what you do to maintain energy, prevent hypo during and after the training.

Any ideas? So far I have taken juice before a session, but gone high afterward, which is an effect of the type of training (resistance). Can anyone provide some tips forthis sort of training and diabetes?

Thanks! Mark

Hi Mark!

I have found that when I do aerobics with weights (I do the Biggest Loser DVDs for 30 minutes), then I don’t actually have to decrease my insulin at all. This really surprised me because when I run or rollerblade, I reduce the basal rate on my pump to 50% for an hour.

Not sure about resistance training because what I do is some aerobics, but just thought that I would add my two cents that I saw a big difference between types of exercise as well. Try it without juice and stop and measure mid-workout. Let us know how it goes!