Trying different infusions sets

I know getting an insulin pump isn't easy, and I did not expect it to be... but I finally got it and have ben using it for a couple of months. The last few times I have changed the infusion set, I've had problems with pain at the site. No bleeding, swelling, infection. No insulin delivery problems just an annoying pain that doesn't go away until I take the site out. So, I figured like I have heard of so many of you doing... I would call and get a few samples from my provider to try before my next order was due to ship. WHAT AN NIGHTMARE!!!

First, my supplier wouldn't even talk to me about it. Then they sent me over to Animas which I have always had excellent customer service rom. First I was connected to a CDE RN who said maybe I'm just not putting it in right. She explained why I MIGHT be experiencing pain, but said there's no real way to know for sure. So, she said I should definitely look into different infusion sets and set me over to the ordering department. That guy verified all my information then said, did someone tell you you needed to try a different infusion set. To which I replied, your RN/CDE that transferred me to your department agreed and that is why she sent me over to you. Next, he asks what sets she specifically recommended I try. I said, ugh, she didn't. She just said she was gonna send me over here to get a couple different samples. He says well, unless someone i.e. a Doctor, CDE, pump trainer, or RN tells you a specific one, or even says to try various different ones, then we ship them. Long pause... So, I need them to contact you. Animas: No, you just need them to tell you verbally then you tell us over the phone. Me: ugh, okay? How do you know I called them? Animas: We don't it's just a technical thing. Me: So, after everything Ive just been through you want me to call me doctor and ask her to just tell me a different set to try and you'll send it out? Animas: No, it can be anyone, doctor, CDE, RN, pump trainer, just someone has to recommend it. Me: Okay? Thanks for your help I guess.

REALLY??? I don't get this. It makes NO SENSE. How the heck are they supposed to know what anybody verbally told me? Or WHO told me that? OR anything else. What a load of crap! All I want to do is try a different infusion site. Something besides the Inset30... and I have to call 2 separate companies, find "someone" to recommend I try something and the then call back and sit and wait another 30 minutes to get to the person who might be able to send my samples? Its a sample for pete sake not a 3 month order... and it's not a prescription issue... I have prescription, they have it on file!

I suppose my question here (so as not to look like I am just ranting which is sort of all I am doing) is, how does everyone else here get their sample infusion sets so they can pick the BEST one for them?

Yeah, Minimed is the same way. I just told them that my endo had suggested trying a few different ones and they sent them, no questions asked. And as far as I know, they don't verify with the doctor's office.

Wow, sorry you had all this happen! I actually didn't ask for sample sets when I wanted to try new ones, but just ordered a box of each. If things get too crazy (as it sounds like they have!) with your process of asking for samples and you don't pay too much with insurance you might just do that. you are free to order any kind of sets you like. The other advantage to getting a whole box is imho 2 of a set type wasn't enough to determine if I liked them better.

Personally, I don't think they give a damn what the doctor orders, they are just trying to save money.