Trying to add a discussion! About my eye specialist and me JB

feel it has been for some years now, but now I need stronger glasses as
a tryout, if it won’t work I need a Cataract operation in 6 months. So
nice, to look forward to some excitement in 6 months? LOL. So I need a
new “Reader” first for the tryout! Both eyes!

Cost for glasses $130. Have to go without lunch for two weeks, do you notice I don’t eat much? LOL.
Would it improve my 5.9 Hg a1c? I read
somewhere, that if you don’t eat anything for 30 days, you won’t get
hungry anymore… Think of all the money you can save!

Changing after finishing one painting to acrylic paint! I have a son who also changed and is very happy.
Oh not paint, he has another car, so sorry to confuse you! Getting hard to find a car that is not recalled…
Our Olympics cnnot find enough snow
this winter. Last winter we got enough for two winters but now it is
getting warm! Flowers and trees are waking up! You think, the devil is
behind all this?

Well, back to the painting board now!