Trying to come to grips with life

First of all, I want to give my apologies for not being here in the “land of TuDiabetes” for so long long. Not to have pity on myself but this past year has been tough with unemployment and really high sugar numbers. I am a firm believer that stress can and will raise your blood glucose really high. As to this, myself and my Endo can attest to.

But I am here once again and I hope in full force. I will probably be using this blog here at TuDiabetes to let my frustrations out so please don’t pay them any mind. They are only “Jeff” venting and trying to come to terms with horrific condition.

So next time you see a blog from me, just ignore and know that i am only doing this to help my mental well-being. And Manny, thank you for all you have done for me personally.

Welcome back !!! Rant away, that is why we are here. We all understand what you are going thru and want your mental well-being to be positive.

Jeffrey, what a nice surprise to see you here! You know, I remember well the warm welcome you sent me the day I joined TuDiabetes three years ago. I’m with cat, rant away! Being on TuDiabetes definitely helps me deal with the d monster and all the stress and weariness it can bring on.

Welcome back!

Blogging is a great way to vent, I do it all the time! Glad to see that you’re back to the community.

If you’re wondering about the mechanism that cause your blood sugar to rise with stress it’s due to the actions of cortisol. One of cortisol’s main actions is initiating gluconeogenesis in the liver. The other is suppressing the immune system.


rant away, if it feels good:) we all are good at listening:) Welcome back:)

Welcome back Jeffrey!

Jeffrey, you are entirely correct about the stress IMHO. My food habits, exercise, meds, etc can all be very good, but I am a person who lives in stress and that alone drives my numbers up more so than anything else.

Welcome back, I am glad you have found your way back to us…and as for the blogs, hey, they are your blog talk, if that’s not enough, too bad. Let it rip my friend.

Rant away if it makes you feel better. I totally believe the stress, high blood sugar, cortisol thing. So now we will all take a deep breath, and, relaxxxx.

STRESS is a killer.It has been for me. There are so many things in life that cause it. I know when I was a raving insomniac 2 months ago and up every night it stressed me out and my Bg readings showed it. The main thing is you are here rant and vent all you want…a little humor…

I’m right there with you, Jeffrey. You are most definitely not alone. I’ve worked three months in the last year. Scary and tough, you betcha. But here we are, still kicking. Vent away. You’ve earned it.