Trying to figure out temporary basal rates and exercise

I hate to exercise because i can’t seem to keep my blood sugar from plummeting. It’s illogical for me to change my basal rate completely because i know i’m not going to exercise every single day at the same time each day. But i haven’t managed to figure out the right temporary rate yet. This moring i set it to 75% my normal basal rate and set it to last for twice as long as i was going to exercise for. it went low after. I think it might work if i go for 50% of my normal rate for the same duration. I tried it at 50% last night, but i think i only did it for the time that i was actually exercising. It didn’t work out very well and i swung a little high, but i had also been compesating for an earlier low. Hopefully i’ll get it all straightened out soon. Trial and error…the story of life with diabetes.

Bek , I set my temp rate at 45 percent , if I exercise over 1 hour ( am in training for the 1/2 M , Oct. 11 as a walker ) I start the temp. about 11/2 hours prior and finish 1/2 after completion .I carry food/glucose pills with me . Last Sunday actually a big flop …with doing 20 kilometers …then a high ( not unusual after this amount of exercise ) followed by a LOW around supper time…I was ready to attack my spouse …could not figure out my pump insulin delivery and gulped down my supper meal . I do wear a senser and it was the first day , consequently numbers from sensor and finger pokes were not following each other too well .This is all behind me till it happens again …lets both hang in there :wink:

Here’s what I do…it may or may not work for you. I don’t excercise when a bolus is going to be peaking. When I do get ready to excercise (I bike for an hour or two at a time.) I lower my basal starting an hour before I start the activity. I usually lower by 40-50% and keep it low the duration of the ride.