Trying to ge te best of me

My diabetes is trying hard to get the best of me today. My CGM did not make for a good nights rest...Beep Beep,Buzz,Buzz,Buzz! It never was below 80! Waking BS was 85, better than normal. Pre breakfast (still fasting) up to 165, down to 105 after breakfast. Went to the gym ate a snack before and ended up with a BS of 49 on the treadmill. Drank some OJ. 105 pre lunch and now I am 124 and praying for some stability people! Glad this is summer vacation and not a day teaching High school. These swings make me rather irritable.

Thanks for letting me vent,

I've been swinging from the 200's to the 53's lately. Yuck! Hang in there!

I can relate, the yo yo ing is hard on the body and the brain. Hang in there! Your not alone.