Trying to get pregant (not me - sigh!)

I posted this blog the other day - and the reply from this other Type1 diabetic that also blogs on the website - well - sort of took my breath away with her reply (not sure how to respond to her without getting kicked back in the face so to speak). Well - if we all tried to attain the A1C’s she has (5.1%) - none of us would being getting pregnant IMHO!!! Have a read - and let me know what you think - either here on Tudiabetes - or at Diabetes1.

Well since I’m the person you wrote about and I’m the “poor woman” she’s lamenting the care of, I figured I should respond here.

To clarify, I’m not trying to get pregnant right now. I’m actively avoiding pregnancy while I work to lower my A1c. That’s an important distinction, and one I’d appreciate being noted. :slight_smile:

I’m taking a risk by posting about my diabetes management and my pregnancy plans. I’m opening myself up for criticisms and attacks, support and encouragement, and just about everything in between. I appreciate the support and encouragement, but I do understand the less cuddly responses as well. Everyone has an opinion and I am very respectful of this fact.

To also answer Doris’s comment: “I have to ask Anna … do I want to read her posts? Or will I just get upset I can’t help her?” Dear Doris, you are free to read my posts and you are free to react however you see most fit. You may find my posts irresponsible. You might take issue with my blog, and you may feel the need to attack me for my A1C level. I know from your comment that you’ve said you’ve never been pregnant and you’ve never had an A1C over 7%. So we’re already coming from different camps.

But you might also realize that I’m not a “perfect diabetic” and I’m also not currently pregnant. You might realize that I’m trying to do what’s best for me and my future family by being proactive and honest about what’s really going on in my diabetes life.

We all need to give the windows in our respective glass houses a good Windexing from time to time. :slight_smile: I’m going to continue to run on the assumption that I don’t need to defend myself for being honest or being less-than-perfect.

Well, I updated my blog to reflect that you are NOT trying to get pregnant - but getting all ready for the eventual bundle of joy :slight_smile: Her reply was to be expected. She’s a good egg - despite how she puts forth her feelings via the written words - she just wants the best for all of us that’s all. I’ve already been forewarned that my A1C of 5.7% is bad for my heart. Heck, what isn’t bad for the heart these days??? I do the best I can with maintaining my diabetes - and try not to let it rule my life too much. If I do the roller coast ride with my A1C’s - well - that’s life.