Trying to increase protein and decrease carb

Having been veg for 22 years, is it possible that I have lost the ability to digest protein very well? I've been trying to increase protein, on the advice of everybody in main forum, in order to decrease high carbs. Makes me really sick to my stomach. Anybody else had this happen? I'm chronically getting very little protein, I think.

May I ask how many grams of protein you might usually get (before the attempts to increase how much you are eating)?

Also -- what types of protein are you trying to add to your diet? Do you consume dairy? Is it milk that's giving you problems? It could be as simple as a bit of lactose intolerance that you could get some lactaid drops to cope with or you could buy lactaid brand milk and the like. Some people have a difficult time with soy products -- are you newly using soy in any form? Are you adding more beans to your diet? There are ways to prepare beans to make them less troublesome to digest if that's an issue you're having.

I've been veg for nearly 25 years now (since I was 16). I recently had gastric bypass surgery and this has necessitated an increase (significant increase) in protein consumption. I haven't had any troubles digestion the amount of protein I'm now consuming (I went from roughly 55 grams of protein to around 80 or so per day). I am finding I'm shifting more and more toward veganism. My body prefers protein sources that are not animal-based and I tend to not feel sick when I eat plant-based protein sources. Sometimes cow's milk and certain cow's milk products (cheese mostly) will upset my stomach.

If you do dairy and want to just bump up your protein consumption in terms of grams of protein (and it isn't necessarily a whole foods source of protein you are looking for) you could try a whey isolate protein powder (the whey isolate has no lactose, so it shouldn't upset your stomach if the lactose is a factor in what's going on -- mix it with water or a milk that doesn't come from a cow -- I like unsweetened almond cause there's next to nothing carb-wise and it tastes really light and fresh). If you don't do dairy there are some good vegan protein powder if that idea appeals to you.

Just wondering if it's a sensitivity to something or a lacking the enzyme to digest lactose, maybe.

Good luck with getting this figured out! :)

I've never counted protein, so its really just a suspicion. Sources are milk, beans, cheese, but I've cut out the cow milk due to high cholesterol. My recent experiments have been with real high protein, like these great canned Texturized Veg Protein scallops (which didn't sound great to me, but I love them). They were delicious and a whopping 17 grams of protein per serving. I eat up to three servings at dinner because I love them. Maybe that's just too much TVP. You've been veggy EVEN longer than me and you haven't lost the ability to digest protein. Thats sorta what I was wondering. Someone once told me that you could loose the ability to digest meat if you were vegetarian too long. I dunno if that's true, or if it applys to TVP. People have told me all kinds of strange things, when I was a kid, to try to persuade me not to be a vegetarian. Thanks for the reply. I've never tried powdered protien, but that might be an easy solution - just sprinkle it on stuff.