Trying to start a CGM what do you recommend?

Hi all

I tried using a minimed CGM about 2 years ago but I could never get the thing to calibrate right. My sugars would spike 20-40 points upon waking regardless of it was at 5:30 for work or 8:00 am on a weekend.

I finally gave up. Sigh.

I spoke to my endo about restarting a CGM. I am actually switching endo’s in a few weeks, but would love some input as to whay system people recommend. The am spikes are getting somewhat better so I hope it will calibrate better. I use a MM paradigm 722 and would like to stick with minimed so they can “talk” to each other. but it another system will work better I am all for it.

Thanks for the input. I see the new endo May 2.

Dexcom 7+ is the best.

I notice that my Medtronic goes up when I get vertical, and down when I get horizontal. It’s by about 20-30 mg/dl, but if the numbers are within or near my goal range, I don’t worry about it. It’s the lower lows and higher highs that I pay attention to and test and correct when necessary. I think the goal of CGM use, given that neither one of them is all that accurate number-wise, is to watch trends and catch lows and highs earlier than you might have otherwise. But the numbers themselves are only an approximation, and both companies tell you to confirm with a fingerstick before taking action.

My dex is so accurate that most days I don’t do fingersticks outside of calibration.

I do not mind checking with a fingerstick. It was just giving me low reading when I was not low, high readings when I was not high and everything in between. Like I said, seems like it was a calibration problem.

My husband and I ttc so I check constantly as it is, but any more info/data a CGM can provide would be a help.

You already know that you were not happy with the MM CGMS. The only other CGM is Dexcom 7+. Sounds like an easy decision.

Provided your insurance will pay for it, and your endo is up on it! :slight_smile:

dexcom 7 does not go to your meter or pump-. you to enter it you self. iuse the dexcon7 for two years . i like the minilink real time.better.

I use the MM CGM and as I see it you might as well use the CGM until you use up all the sensors. Then you can make a decision if you want to stick with it.

Calibrations can be a little tricky or cumbersome. First try to calibrate when your blood sugar is not rapidly changing and within a normal range. My CGM instructor told me to calibrate “Before” as in “before bolus, before eating, before exercise and before sleep”. From what I understand, the MM CGM uses your most recent 4 calibrations to figure out your SG. Therefore, if you have a poor calibration (when you BG is changing rapidly, high, or low. You will need to calibrate 4 more times to get the bad reading out of the MM’s “memory”. You can add another calibration 15 minutes after your last calibration by a simple fingerstick of course.

The only other suggestion I have for the spike in your CGM reading apon waking may be from sleeping on your sensor. I have found that my CGM data from my sleeping hours sometimes rises and falls drastically by some 20 to 40 points durring the night. My best guess is I am rolling over in my sleep and applying varying amounts of pressure to the sensor. IMO, the extra pressure leads to my drops or spikes in the data.

Hope that helps.

Interesting thought on leaning on the sensor. Originally my finger sticks were showing the rise. I hope to see.what the new endo says may 2.

If your BG and sensor values are rising then the solution may be as simple as rasing your basal rates about 2 hours before the rise.

When I got the dex I realized that my BG rose as soon as I got out of bed. The BG rise was not correlated to time. Now I bolus 1 unit when I get up. This keeps my BG flat.

Does it upload to anything?

The rise is at different times depending on when I wake up

I do the same thing now. It just makes calibrating in the am next to impossible

Morning calibration is tricky for me too. I don’t want to calibrate too close to getting up and not too close to breakfast. For me this magic point is 30 minutes after getting up and 10 minutes before taking the first bite.

We used Minimed cgms (522 and Revel) for 3 years and then switched to the Dex Seven + this year when my daughter went to the Omnipod. Dex is so much easier to use, and more accurate for us. Dex is also less painful to insert and wear. I would never go back to Minimed…it was very high maintenance and not nearly as accurate for us. Using the Dex does mean carrying an extra gadget, but honestly it is so worth it. Calibrations on the Dex are no big deal, it is far less glitchy. In fact, it will still continue giving numbers even if you skip a calibration, unlike the MM.

Hope that helps.

That is a huge help