TSA forces cancer survivor to show prostetic breast


I would like to hear everyone's reaction to these stories. I find them outrageous.

I read on the other thread about the TSA and new regulations critera for a person to be a TSA worker. Does anyone know if that includes a through background check to make sure none of them are registered sex offenders?

I don’t know about background checks.

But I do know that I am horrified and disgusted with many of the recent stories of TSA absurdities. I don’t think I will be flying soon because I don’t feel like I have good choices - undergo a humiliating and way-too-intimate pat-down, or undergo radiation and then maybe also the same pat-down.

yep and when after reading that I found this link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40291856/ns/travel-news

TSA is just really dropping the ball more than ever these days.

I am outraged! I wont be flying any time soon as I am on a CGM and trying to go on the pump. I rather take a bus or amtrak or drive. But TSA really needs to be re-trained in what to look for and what to know.

TSA agents are very obviously NOT trained to deal with disabilities of any kind, in the slightest. They don’t seem to care and don’t seem to want to understand. It’s horrible that people with disabilities are being treated as second-class citizens by TSA agents.

I read this article this morning. There has to be extra training and effort from the TSA to ensure that the dignity of travelers with disabilities an impairments. It’s really upsetting to hear these stories.

I was reading comments posted on some articles on Huffington Post. Someone mentioned the gloves that the TSA wear aren’t changed. Maybe this is overkill, but with some of these new superbugs like MRSA, I don’t want them touching my infusion site after their hands have been in other peoples’ basements.

I find it appalling, humiliating & a violation of civil rights. A dangerous slippery slope when people are forced to be subjected to pat downs, or exposed to radiation. What’s next?

I don’t buy for one second that X-ray machines are safe.

Whether people have medical devices or not, it’s an outrage.

I completely agree with you. I really feel it’s an illusion of safety, not to mention that not taking such individuals to a private screening area and INFORM them that you need to do such a procedure is simply cruel and degrading. It’s a huge mess.

One article suggested that people not request a private screening area (depending on their medical situation) to prevent touch abuse by TSA. The other reason given was so that other passengers would see what’s involved to get people more involved with voicing displeasure at this highly intrusive procedure.

As more people complain about pat downs & this becomes more time intensive for TSA, more passengers may be forced to go through X-rays. Not a good alternative when there are other security options.

I hadn’t thought of that! Good points. sigh…it’s a mess…(I guess I already said that).

Is a horrible mess.

Amtrak and Greyhound are looking more and more appealing these days. :slight_smile:

That is a hilarious picture!!! LOL

I know. I had already booked my ticket from my travel. If I hadn’t I probably would have driven…even if it is 15 hours!!!

If you are with a travel companion, you can request that they be with you during a private screening. This would hopefully also reduce risk of touch abuse…HOPEFULLY.

“I’ll Be Groped For Christmas”. lol