Tslim - deleting BG entry and manual bolus entry

One thing that annoys the hell out of me is when I’m at the bolus screen and want to enter my carbs but accidentally enter it in the BG section. And then it gets recorded that my BG is 5 times higher than what it should be. Is there a way to remove the entry so it doesn’t screw up the reporting? I wish they made the two entry screens more different because I’ve mistakenly done this many times :weary:.

The other thing is is there a way to record a manual bolus amount on the tslim?


Ooh, you must be a mmol/L guy rather than a mg/dL guy. As a mg/dL guy, when I enter carbs in the BG field, it thinks my BG is LOW.

Either way, I agree with your point that there should be a way to amend/delete that record. Where I find it particularly annoying is when I enter a “faux”!BG level to compensate for the “momentum” of a rising or falling BG level.

For example, if my BG is 150 mg/dL (sorry for not using your units …) but rising, I might override that value in the bolus wizard and enter 200 mg/dL or even 225 mg/dL … because my BG will likely be at that level when the bolus becomes active. If I am not mistaken, Dexcom even recommends that in their literature. However, it is NOT a real BG reading … but Tandem provides no way of indicating that. I keep hoping that the Tandem bolus wizard will be updated to factor in the up/down trend of your CGM readings … but, thus far, no luck.

So, I don’t have a solution for you, but agree that it is a problem that should be addressed for several reasons.

I’m going to call Tandem Tech Support tomorrow to discuss this with them. Maybe, if they get enough calls, they will do something.

Stay safe!


P.s. Nice job you Aussies have done getting the new Covid cases that reached above 700 per day in Victoria to, as I recall, under 50!


Ah yes, I’m in mmol :sweat_smile:, I cant understand why we don’t have a universal unit system either but that’s another story :crazy_face:.

But it’s a good point to bring it up with tandem. I don’t know how much they would listen particularly the tandem in Australia. To date since starting tslim, I haven’t had a single tandem rep reach out to me to see how I’m doing with the new pump or to let me know they are there to support (which was my experience with Medtronic when I was on their pump). When I tried to contact them via email, my email goes unanswered. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Oh wow, didn’t know it got international coverage. Yes, it took a while but we are finally seeing the numbers fall. But there were a lot of stumbles along the way, particularly how the second wave originated :sweat: and how it spread outside VIC with just people being reckless and screening procedures failing.
But I can totally see how the media would make us an example case study considering what’s going on in your part of the world :confounded: and now wild fires to deal with too :weary:. I’m assuming you are in the USA since you are using mg. Im hoping there will be improvements soon, stay well and safe!

Use the T:connect software. It will download all your cgm readings as well as ones you enter by hand. It also downloads your boluses and basal rates. Gives nice charts and your doctor can look at them without you needing to send them if you authorize it.

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By “manual bolus” do you mean a pump bolus where you enter, a specific number of units in the bolus wizard instead of entering carb or glucose levels? In Control-IQ, at least, that IS recorded as a “STD/CALC OVER” bolus. Here is my bolus history from yesterday when I did exactly that to give myself 1.0 u at 10:37 am:

If, on the other hand you are asking about recording a syringe/pen administered bolus, I think the answer is “no”.

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You can do it but it wastes insulin. enter the amount given by syringe as if you were doing a normal bolus, before pressing Deliver disconnect the tubing from the infusion set. Press deliver, The Insulin will drip out. When delivery stops reconnect. The pump thinks you have taken that insulin, which you have but by syringe.


Thanks, I was referring to a manual pen injection so looks like I’m out of luck

Unfortunately no t connect in Australia yet. But are you saying with tconnect you can delete BG entries? It didn’t sound like it from your post

That’s true and it will factor the amount as future IOB. But don’t like wasting insulin


Ooh! Bonus points for cleverness. Compared to what we waste with tube filling, unavailable insulin in the cartridge, I would say that having it logged as a bolus AND calculating the proper IOB is worth the cost of a minor amount of “wasted” insulin … particularly if that only happens occasionally.

Thanks for the tip …


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