tSlim X2 cases/belt clip suggestions

Hi guys

I’ve had my tSlim X2 for about 2 months now, and the god damn belt clip keeps coming off the case…in my opinion it’s terribly designed, especially compared to my Animas Vibe belt clip which was super sturdy.

Anyone have any suggestions for replacement cases that are similar to the original one? I don’t really want something big and leather, etc.

I saw another thread from February but was hoping there have been some new products that have come out since then


Check out:
EDS Solutions T1

Type 1 Tractile

Both are found on Facebook and you can purchase them on there too. I have a EDS Solutions T1 one, which is very nice and I ordered one recently from Type 1 Tactile. I have a Tandem t:slim X2 also. These won’t break and the clips hold securely. Good luck in your search.

Thanks. I have seen those before and they do look good. Could you by any chance post some pictures of it from different angles? I think that’s what put me off then in the beginning… There’s tons of pictures of the back of the case/clip, but i couldn’t find any from the front and sides to see how much it protects the pump…

Edit: Nevermind I saw some on their Instagram page. I just hate how there’s a bulky part with the screws sticking out from the side. :frowning:

People on Facebook have talked about using shrink wrap on the clip of the Tandem case and that seems to work so it doesn’t fall off your waistband. I put Velcro on the inside of my clip and that also helps to stop it from falling off.

I currently use a Nite Ize clip attached directly to the pump but I also had to put Velcro inside that to make sure it grips well. I don’t really need the protection of a case and prefer the small size of the pump with just the clip.

Like you, I miss the Animas clip. It was easy to attach and detach and no problems with the pump falling off my waistband.

Thanks Laddie! Actually I don’t have problems with it coming off my belt, but the belt clip actually comes off the pump case itself, the little plastic nib that holds it on is worn already. Very little effort now to just pop it off… worries me that it will fall off my belt when I’m doing something

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I wonder if the clips I buy from Amazon would fit onto the back of the case. Tt would have to have a flat spot. It can’t be used with a Medtronic 630/670, for example, because the back has no flat surface. I forget how the back of a Tandem is shaped.