Tslim X2 screen

Just received my new Tslim X2 upgrade from the regular Tslim (yay!). Is it normal for the screen colors to look so different? The X2 colors are lighter, less contrasted, almost seems a little fuzzy. The button is also harder to push, especially with the case on, but that could just be that it’s new? Has anyone else noticed this? Pictures have new pump in the left and old on the right.

Looks fuzzy in the picture but it’s not. I don’t know what the original was like though!

Agreed w/ @T1Mom6 . Our X2 screen is not fuzzy. Nor is the button hard to press (I assume you mean the silver physical button on the top edge which is not in any of the pictures).

When I received the upgrade, the screen looked very pale and so washed out, that I returned the pump. I wanted to be able to get updates on the pump, but it would be nice to be able to see sharper colours on the screen. :frowning:
I returned the X2 and received a refund. Tech support said diff company is making the screens with diff technology.

Do you know exactly what was meant by this or can you elaborate? I could read this a few different ways.

So, after using the X2 for a couple days, I’ve gotten used to the screen, so that’s not really a problem anymore. I think it was mainly how different the lighting on the screens are, but it looks better once I added the CGM. What is a problem is the physical button on top. It is so much harder to push down than it was on the old tslim. With the case on, it takes a lot of force to hold it down for a quick bolus, which I do a lot. I’ve been using the new style case with my old pump and really liked it and had no issues with it affecting the button. I finally had a chance to call Tandem today, and was not thrilled with their reply. Apparently, in addition to changing the screens, they have also changed how they manufacture the buttons! Supposedly to fix the issue people have had with the button failing, so there is now a connector on each end of the button instead of just one in the middle. He said he would document the issue, but unfortunately, “that’s just the way it is now.” I could see this being a major problem for people with dexterity issues, arthritis, etc. I guess I’ll give it some more time to see if I can get used to that too…

I have also noticed the Bluetooth connection loss that I’ve seen in other posts, so that’s fun. Luckily my tubing is long enough that I can wear the pump just about anywhere, and it stays connected as long a it’s on the same side of my body as the sensor.

The older model screens were OLED. They look great, but at the expense of battery life. The newer screen is much more energy efficient and that helps to counteract the increased power usage of the CGM feature.

I’ve grown use to, and have accepted its low-rent look, but I still don’t like it.