TTC Turns to Expecting (!), but not sure what to expect

My husband and I were TTC for 8 months; between a mixture of newly diagnosed PCOS and some male factor “infertility” issues, we were successful in actually getting pregnant last month! I’m VERY early, 5 weeks or so, and still under close monitoring by the reproductive endocrinologists to make sure all is developing appropriately. We’re thrilled to have gotten over this hurdle, and now am remembering: oh yeah…diabetes is in there too.

So, when can I expect the lows that so many pregnant women with diabetes get? and what the heck do you eat if you decide to cut out artificial sweeteners and caffeine and "bad" stuff like that? And... any other words of wisdom or "things to expect when you're expecting with Type 1" would be most appreciated. I know it will be a long haul.


Congrats to you and your hubby. I am Type 1 for 27 years and I am pregnant for the 2nd time. All I can tell you is that you may have some crazy HIGHS for the first few weeks, then it will turn to lows, then soon will level off.
This has happened both times to me. So don’t be surprised if they get crazy soon.

I am basically living on lemon water. It is so boring but, I am now 17 weeks and having 1/2 caff coffee in the morning. My doctor said it isn’t a big deal, especially after the 1st trimester.

I think being super anal the 1st trimester is a good idea, then you can loosen up a bit. That is how I feel and my doctor too.

Good luck to you!!! Heidi

I never got the lows. As a matter of fact, I got a weird series of higher spikes in weeks 6 and 7 and then everything returned to normal until week 22/23 or so when the placental hormones kicked in and my insulin needs skyrocketed. So I can say that not everyone gets the first trimester lows.

You’ve been wanting this for a long time, Tziporah. Congrats to you for getting there!!! I can tell you that my diabetes was actually very well-behaved throughout my whole pregnancy. I met the insulin challenges head-on with aggressive basals and ratios, enjoyed eating a lot (the baby needs it! don’t fear those large boluses!), and had a great team to work with. BabyBL was born two weeks ago at 38 weeks, perfectly formed and healthy, at 8 lbs 2 oz via C-section. We opted for the scheduled C-section b/c she started to put on weight quickly and was estimated at 5 lbs 9 oz at my 33 week sonogram. My c-section was incredibly easy with a great recovery (I already feel like myself and am up and about). My endo’s office called to have them suspend my pump about half an hour before surgery and requested that it be suspended for 12-24 hours, but an hour out of surgery I was 190 and trending upward, so I took it off of suspend and just played with my basals a lot over the next week. I’m using about 75% of pre-pregnancy rates while breastfeeding and still having a lot of lows.

My best advice is to test frequently, correct highs aggressively, correct lows very carefully (and minimally), and eat/drink frequently to avoid any ketones from dehydration or long fasting periods.

Wow! Congrats! we are still in the TTC stage…and great questions…what do you eat if you cut out artificial sweeteners! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences.

Personally, I cut back to one cup of coffee a day (from my preferred 3-4!) and continued using Splenda throughout my pregnancy to sweeten my decaf iced tea. I did cut out any lunch meat or unpasteurized cheeses, any mercury rich fish, and anything that might have raw egg in it though.

Hi there, HUGE congrats!!! :slight_smile: I didn’t get the lows - I stayed quite stable until a steady climb in my insulin requirements from the middle of T2 and towards the end my insulin requirements felt like I could be jabbing an elephant (and I didn’t gain much weight at all). My biggest piece of advice is to just go with the flow - my endo team were a slick unit who got us thru nicely. It did feel a little like I was handing my body over to science :slight_smile: but the end result was oh so worth it.

As for artificial sweeteners, I don’t like them at the best of times so if I really felt a need for some sugar, I just had some and carb counted it carefully. I cut back on coffee mainly because it contributed to my MS and tended to order (I can’t remember it’s proper name) a cup of steamed milk with a shot of coffee on the side so that I could control how much I was having. I do remember feeling a bit hard done by on the food front (esp with morning sickness the whole pregnancy) but in reality it is such a short time - all I craved was a cream donut. Gross huh?

Keep us posted!

Hi all,
Thank you THANK YOU for all the support and suggestions! Yes, so far I’ve actually had more upsetting highs (not SUPER high, but also not typical given how stable things have been in preparation for all of this), but also noticing some lows at weird times (2am, 4:30am) that didn’t used to be there. The tweaking has already begun, and I’m just hoping the highs come down and the lows stay in check.

I’ve discovered flavored “sparkling water” that our local grocery (Wegmans!) sells in all kinds of flavors, though it isn’t my daily fix of diet whatever soda. It’s worth it though.

I’m curious about the cravings (if they come) and so far, no morning sickness (knock on wood!). Just lots of fatigue and some tummy stuff.

Here we go! :slight_smile: (!!!)

Melissa, I am so very thrilled to hear about your new addition!!! I know this has not been an easy journey, but it’s heartening for me to hear you describe it all with such positive energy and joy (esp as you now have a healthy little one!). Your guidance and posts have reeled me back in on more than a few occasions, and I’m most appreciative. Congrats to you and your family, and thank you, as always, for the support! :slight_smile: Tziporah

Quick update: my A1c last week is at 6.1 and I’m now on the road to monthly A1c’s and fructosamine (243 this time). First ultrasound on Weds this week and a first OB appt on 3/8. So far so good. :slight_smile:

Great to hear that you are doing so well Tziporah! Keep us posted :slight_smile: