I’ve come across a few (old) discussions about the TubeGuard recently. It seems like not many people are using it! Well, I have one and (here I go plugging the SpiBelt again…) I attach it to my SpiBelt, which I use to hold my pump. The beauty of this is that I don’t have to wind and unwind the tubing from the TubeGuard unless I’m changing my tubing. I prefer my SpiBelt over clipping my pump to my pants because it allows me to just pull the SpiBelt up my stomach a little when I need to pull my pants down (bathroom :wink: ) and then my pump isn’t in the way and I’m not risking pulling my site out by pulling it down with my pants! With my tube wrapped up in my TubeGuard, it is also out of my way. You do have to be a little careful how much you wrap in it. Obviously if you’re using a site further away from your waist you’ll be wrapping less tubing.

I have to say I was resisting the urge to buy the TubeGuard because, while the cost is only about ten dollars, everywhere I found it the shipping cost made it twice that! However…it has been a great help. I hated taking the extra time to tuck the tubing somewhere everytime I pulled my pants down! So, especially for my fellow SpiBelt fans, I would recommend shelling out the money for it if you can!

Hey Cassie - I’m new to pumping - and have never heard of the TubeGuard. I sort of like the sound of not having to clip my pump to my pants. I mean have any of you noticed wear and tear on areas where you clip your pump? I have, now that I no longer sleep in the buff, I have to wear old lady undies (big baggy things ) - but the pump clip can do havoc on the elastic waistband. I know, silly thing to say here, but I’m a Fashionista - I want my baggy undies to live longer without falling apart. So, I’m now going to go and Search within Tudiabetes - and see if I can come up with a link for the TubeGuard! Okay - am back within the 15 minute timeframe for editing - here’s a discussion on the TubeGuard for any of you who are new like me here at Tudiabetes.
Ann from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

Oops! Sorry…I didn’t even think to give more info about what it is or where I bought it :slight_smile: FYI I bought it at Go to that link and you’ll see more info and buy one if you wish :slight_smile: I still can’t believe the outrageous shipping and “handling” prices some places charge!

$20+ sure seems overly expensive for such a small thing. I can ship a LOT more of anything for $10+ than a little tubeguard. Diabetics get it from all angles.

I apologize for the shipping charge. Our old system was outdated. So to right this wrong, we are offering Free Shipping on all orders of TubeGuard using the Promo Code " tube2011 "

hey, thanks, you just got a taker!

And another, thanks. It’s shipping that’s stopped me from ordering one previously :wink: