Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone has heard any rumors about Animas trying to start a tubeless pumping system? I have read the news on the “artificial pancreas” (skeptical), but I would really like to see them start a tubeless system. Any news/rumors would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes I wish these companies would stick with developing one or two ideas that they can actually achieve in the near future, such as combining the dexcom system on one device, before they start with these long term developments like an artificial pancreas. Just my opinion, but I am cheering for them.

FWIW, I heard from a reliable source that Johnson & Johnson, Animas’s parent company, is seriously considering acquisition of either Medingo (Solo pump) or Insulet (OmniPod pump) as their strategy to enter the tubeless pump arena.

That would be awesome! I dont know how some of you guys feel but I would love to not have a tube anymore! But I would never think about leaving animas so if they bought out one of those companies I would be thrilled.

The rumor I heard is that the next generation, due this year, will combine the dexcom system. Allen

That’s what I heard, too, from the rep who helped me demo my pump.

i was told next years . dexcon 7 and meter will sent data to dump. that what i was told

Spenser I understand you skepticism. But, on their way to developing a master system is how they often perfect what they already got going on. So reaching out to create the “artificial pancreas” will likely create great &/or unthought of improvements to what we already use along their way. such as combing the Dexcom sysstem to one device. Plus, how awesome would it be if/when they create the “artificial pancreas.” I can’t wait to see that come out. Of, course I don’t want to be the test subject…lol.

Hey guys. Thanks for all of your replies. I should start by explaining why I asked about tubeless. I am in nursing school, and I have had so many teachers warn me about my pump getting pulled out by patients, beds pretty much anything, and then we all know how dirty hospitals are. So I was hoping animas would have something on the horizon. My problem with the artificial pancreas is the incredibly slow process that will follow this announcement. Animas has been talking about just combining the pump on the same receiver with the CGM for two years, yet nothing. They should finish that while they are working on the artificial pancreas. I love animas corp, I think it is the best company around. I just am frustrated with carrying so many devices, so many needles, cords, receivers, transmitters, meters, and glucose. I just hope that something develops soon that combines the CGM/pump on one receiver at the very least. Cordless would be a great addition. Thanks for all your comments, I know many of you share the same frustrations I have right now. 19 years of being diabetic is just now starting to ■■■■ me off. (excuse the language)

No need to excuse yourself. We all have our moments. I am a Medical assistant and work as a patient care assistant in an emergency room. In the past week (all I’ve had) I’ve look for oppertunities for PTs to grab my pump or tubing. The #1 idea for me is to attach at the side and hang the pump on my bra. But unless I’m mistaken you don’t wear one so, #2 option I looked at would be infusion set in rump or thigh and the leg strap for the pump or hooked on the waist band but inside. 95% of Pt contact is from your front so hiding it back there inside your pants will eliminate alot of risk. My scrubs are reverseable so there is a back pocket inside too. For your own comfort, don’t attach infusion set to front of stomach. The bedrails, counters, and equipment will be your enemy then “OUCH”.

Watch degree are you getting? CNA, MA, LPN, RN?

I am actually getting my BSN right now. I am at school at ECU. I love it

My CDE told me this pump’s development is complete and ready to market, they are just waiting on FDA approval.