Tubing issues

Anyone have any suggestions for keeping the pump tubing from tangling on everything? My son is 19 months old so the tubing is long enough to wrap around his waist or arm or leg…I can’t find anything.

Our educator gave us an “EZ Wrap” which clips onto the back of our pump (we use the animas 2020). I just did a google search for it and didn’t see it anywhere. It’s a little piece of plastic and you wrap the tubing around it to make it as short as you need. My son started pumping at 2 and a half, so I hear you! I wonder if you can’t find the EZ Wrap (or have a different pump) if there’s something else you could just clip on there. (my son is now almost 5 and doing great - it’s so hard when they’re as little as yours… but hope you’re doing well).

Do you have the Animas pump? Assuming, because at 19 months, think endos would recommend that one. Animas has a very nice tube guard (I don’t think that is the exact title of it). You attach it to the back of the insulin pump and wind tubing around it. It’s been a few years but it worked really well. I don’t think you can use the tube guard or clip along with the Animas low profile clip. The tube clip goes on the direct back center of the pump. Sorry, see it was answered below. “EZ WRAP” – wish MM had it. Wish it could be placed lower down so you could also use the clip

I’m Santi, 26 months, my dad put me on OMNIPOD because of the tubing issues he read at tudiabetes.org. Eventhough, I don’t know what this white POD thing is doing on me, I don’t even see it bc it’s placed on my buttocks under my diaper. I’m happy bc I can play with my twin bro without looking at any tube or worrying & I can play with my toys rather than with a tube.

My dad is very happy with the POD & it’s been 6 months on it w/o problems. Ahh! the cannula insert mechanism it’s GREAT… I feel just a little pinch every 3 days, but I’ve gotten so used to it I don’t even move no more when they’r placing it on me…Good luck to you & god bless.