Tudiabetes changed... I need ..... the comfort given to a small lost child

I’m totally freaked. I cant believe how hard it is to accept change. It seems to be happening everywhere.
Changing themes/schemes. Fashion statements. Trying to find new clothes with the same comfortable fit seems impossible. I love rainbows of colors. WHY is so hard to accept this little thing called change?
Where do I fit in this? What happened?
How autistic of me to not be able to just go with the flow. I look at this and want to run away.
When Stephen bought my first sewing machine for me as an engagement gift. It sat in the box and I smiled for weeks. Scared to open a box and use the new machine. When I took it out of the box time was closing in on me. I needed to sew a wedding dress and my daughters dresses ( 3 of them!) My fiance’s shirt and my sons (2 of them!) and the maid of honour dress and best man’s shirt. I still left that machine sitting for another 2 weeks with my dear one looking on and asking when I would start to sew all the material I had cut out that was waiting to become garments of a joyous day. ugh.
The same thing happened two years later when he bought a serger for me.
I bought a new sewing machine last year. I sat the brand new box in the living room the other day with no intention of opening it yet. too nervous. Stephen,my husband of 6 1/2 years took it out of the box and told me to
thread it! It has a totally different set up and I freaked.
Totally freaked. My hands shook. I didnt thread it right and he couldnt understand. He said “It’s just a machine like any other sewing machine. Just use it.”
(it’s why I refused to drive his new car for weeks. he still doesnt understand my difficulty in transition with anything.)
I dont know how often I will come back to check out this site till I can figure out how to adjust. I did leave a feedback. I do love my family here. I just feel so lost,scared,nervous, … lost. I should have been born two hundred years ago when nothing changed so fast.

MeadowLark, you will be ok.

Debb, what was that you wrote about memory?

i know… ijust feel small and forlorn.

Hi! Wondering how are things feeling a couple of days later.

Take care, amiga.

After talking to my hubby and showing him what I wrote… I think I major messed up and I’m afraid I lost all my friends here. I’ve posted a couple of times and no one posts after me… the topic just dies. My problem with social glitches. I’m posting this on my comment thing; but I’ll just read from now on. I’m lost.