TuDiabetes.com 2007 Recap

TuDiabetes was officially launched March 5, 2007. The rest of 2007 lots of people came to the site, some joined and became members, some didn’t. There were lots of great moments to remember.

To give everyone a feel of how the past few months have been around TuDiabetes, I’ve put together this recap that sumarizes the year’s most popular discussions and groups, as well as a breakdown of our members in terms of diabetes type and glucose meter preference.

Most Popular Topics
-“Word In Your Hand” Project for World Diabetes Day, Nov. 14 - Viewed 3,128 times.
-Dr. Bernstein - Viewed 1,242 times
-How Many Carbs Do You Eat per Meal, per Day? - Viewed 1,072

Most Popular Groups
-Parents of Kids with Type 1 - Visited 1,982 times.
-Continuous Glucose Monitor Users - Visited 1,616 times.
-Pumping Our Insulin - Visited 1,406 time.

Members at a glance
-1,582 members by Dec. 31, 2007
-Type 1: 48%
-Type 2: 24%
-Parents/friends: 19%

Most Popular Glucose Meters
-One Touch: 46%
-Freestyle: 21%
-Accu-Check: 16%
-BD: 9%

Thanks to everyone who has joined for making TuDiabetes such a special place for all of us! Please help us continue to spread the word about the community:
-Link to TuDiabetes.com from your blog (with a regular link or with a great looking TuDiabetes badge).
-Invite others to join.
-Tell local media in your area about TuDiabetes. There’s two press releases that you can refer them to:

And if you haven’t joined yet, please do so by clicking on the “Sign Up” link at the top right.

Thanks for giving such a great recap, Manny. Is there any way to find other people who use the same model meter? Just curious!

It’s not perfect (or ideal), but one way to do so is to enter the model/brand you want to find other users for in the search box INSIDE the Members section.

Thanks. Wow, I only found myself. I knew my meter wasn’t too common, but figured there’d be more than one user here with it. For the record, it’s a Caresens monitor.